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Raise Up Mobile App

Raise Up

Think Big has developed a mobile app Social Media Platform .

Project Highlights

It is a social media project to make a full-fledged network that focuses on mainly creating a safe and positive environment for high school students to vote on one another’s best qualities.

App development

App Development needs proper planning in order to run a project smoothly and efficiently. The project manager is the person who leads the team through a project, using a project management process. The project manager carries out the project through phases:

  • Making strategy and deciding target market according to the products on the website
  • Planning after discussion with the client
  • Designing the project while staying within the budget
  • Planning with the project Team
  • Building website project which includes the creation of websites layout, functionalities, and design.
  • Optimizing the cross-browser performance
  • Finalization includes:
    • Testing Phase
    • Going Live
    • Client Training
    • Foundation SEO Marketing
  • Launching the App

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