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Think Big has developed a social media application . Which has helped them create their online presence to attract and target their customers.

Project Highlights

It is a custom app development project to make a social media platform that focuses on mainly protecting the anonymity of customers by providing them the ease of posting without having to worry abaout scrutiny.

App development

Website Development needs proper planning in order to run the project smoothly and efficiently. The project manager is the person who leads the team through a project, using a project management process. The project manager carries out the project through phases:

  • Making strategy and deciding target market according to the products on the website
  • Planning after discussion with the client
  • Designing the project while staying within the budget
  • Planning with the project Team
  • Building website project which includes the creation of websites layout, functionalities, and design.
  • Optimizing the cross-browser performance
  • Finalization includes:
    • Testing Phase
    • Going Live
    • Client Training
    • Foundation SEO Marketing
  • Launching the Application

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