Masood Ali

Developer/ Project Manager

With a background in both design & development, Masoodhas the unique perspective of all the phases of creating a website. When he’s not on his computer, you can find him digging holes in his back yard or watching movie reviews. Not movies, just the reviews.

Awais Usmani


Awais has background in design and transitioned to the coding world. His favorite thing to do is to take naps with his Goldendoodle and also play games with friends.

Saima Masood


Sarah got her start in programming in BASIC on a TI-83 calculator so she didn’t have to try so hard in math class. Outside of work, she enjoys fixing cars, building computers, and light carpentry.



Originally hailing from UAE, Sarah joined us in late 2021 and brings a wealth of branding, graphics and beautiful hand-drawn illustration skills to our design team.


Apps Developmer

Android, iOS & Flutter Mobile App & Web App Developer, UI/UX Design

Sadia Anjum


Android and iOS Apps Development, Web Development, React Native.